Shadow Goobus.  Then and now.  Cool to see how I’ve come in a few years.

Done for Harley’s Joker’s Facebook contest a little while back.  It was an Epic Fantasy contest, so I made epic fantasy featuring some of my original concepts.  Only got to the flats though.  May redo this or add more later.

The first two clips are from a recent project from Pre-Visualization in Film and Game at CSU Summer Arts. These are the shots I did for the group project called “Peasant’s Song”, with guidance and help from professional guest artists. NOTE: I did not do the textures, lighting, or character designs. This was purely animation and camera angles, working with the character models, environment, effects, and script given to me. The last bit was done entirely by me. Done in my first Computer Animation class at Cal State Long Beach. I still have much to learn in Maya but I’m starting to get the hang of this.

Song - “Becoming a Legend” by John Dreamer

Another shot I did for Peasant’s Song.  Again, purely animation and camera angle.  

One of two shots I did in Pre-Visualization at CSU Summer Arts.  NOTE:  I did not design the characters or create the models or backgrounds.  I animated the characters and created the camera movements.

I’m back home from CSU Summer Arts and it was quite the two weeks there. Pre-Visualization in Film and Game was quite interesting to learn and to work in.  Interestingly enough, it felt less like a class and more like a work environment.  From 9 am to basically 11 pm or even an hour or more later if necessary, we were all working on a short film assigned to us and we were divided into groups set to each section of scenes.  This meant I had to get back into Maya fast and I was still rusty and not exactly at the same pace everyone else was in terms of skill.  But with very helpful guest artists and a couple students, I was able to finish the shots given to me.  Though I still have much to learn, I’ve learned quite a bit.  And I had some fun along the way, especially when it was time to wear motion capture suits (like Andy Serkis).  This is the result of our combined work and I am proud of our accomplishment and glad to have been a part of it!

Seriously, you’d think that Samus would have some serious helmet hair.

Love your work and rooting for you at Nickelodeon!